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USA Debusk

USA DeBusk is driving innovation for a full range of industrial services… delivering maintenance projects that are safe, reliable, fast and cost-efficient for you.

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Clean Harbors

With safety as our No. 1 priority, Clean Harbors offers an integrated portfolio of services with a unique focus on your Refinery operations.

Clean Harbors comprehensive safety programs are employee-driven with a firm management commitment to meet the Refinery industry’s safety statistic requirements for service providers.  

We offer routine industrial services such as liquid and dry vacuum, hydro blasting, pipeline cleaning, container rental and management and remediation, to more specialized services including pigging and decoking, chemical cleaning, high pressure, dewatering and materials processing and emergency response.

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ACV Enviro

ACV Enviro minimizes time onsite, reduces waste, recovers valuable hydrocarbons and eliminates unnecessary expenses. With nearly 40 years’ experience in the tank cleaning and maintenance industry, ACV Enviro has always been in the forefront of developing and employing innovative technologies that expedite and improve oil recovery from petroleum sludge

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E3 Environmental

The E3 team combines practical field experience and superior equipment with an uncompromising focus on safety to dispatch the appropriate response to any emergency within minutes of receiving your call. We make it our priority to quickly mitigate the problem, contain and protect the surrounding environment, and limit your expense and liability. In addition, we fully understand the need for you to maintain full compliance with all regulations, minimize liability, and reduce waste and emissions.



CEDA delivers tank cleaning services to meet your maintenance and regulatory requirements for any type of tank employed in the production or storage phases. We provide a wide range of services to effectively complete all phases of maintenance including cleaning, inspecting, repairing and coating



At HydroChemPSC, we excel at providing the resources, the experience, and the engineering creativity to develop unique solutions, using safer technologies, to make your next turnaround your best. We specialize in HydroblastingVacuum and Chemical Services.

Months in advance, we are able to predict your project’s duration with innovative project scheduling and resource planning. We bring our expertise in Hydroblasting, Vacuum and Chemical Services and will identify the safest, most cost-effective methods of completing your project.

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