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PRO-LINE HYDRALINK was originally surfaced in 2016 as a new product line extension of PRO-LINE Water Screen Services, Inc. (Established in 1989).  Its products were centered around providing local Environmental Service Companies with robotic equipment to clean above ground storage tanks.  This task of cleaning tanks has historically been executed by way of human personnel crawling into a tank and manually removing the waste / unwanted material.


Isaac Corder and Tommy Luong were the individuals involved in the design, production, & testing of each one of its new products.  Isaac Corder has extensive experience with applying electronically controlled hydraulics systems for linear & rotary motion control. Tommy Luong's career has revolved around the design and implementation of electronic controls utilizing various PLC's and Mobile Electronic Microcontrollers.  These are the components driving technological improvements in the field of tank cleaning robotics.

As the HYDRALINK product line started to gain significant momentum in the U.S. Domestic tank cleaning industry, PRO-LINE Water Screen Services, Inc. additionally realized a vast growth in production & refurbishment for the Traveling Water Screen Industry.  

As both product lines evaluated their position in their respective market place, production capacity in its existing facilities, and the re-focusing of resources, it was decided that the HYDRALINK product line would continue its growth under a new company name  PRO-LINE HYDRALINK.

It is of the upmost importance that our company bridge the gap between the users of our equipment and the specific job they perform for their customers on a daily basis.  

Our mission is to be the best in tank cleaning robotics company in the World. Click Here for more information on how to be connected to our International Sales Group.  

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